The Great Canadian Invention Circus is a fast, funny and factual show about simple and complex inventions that Canadians have created to solve everyday and high tech problems. Using their background in the circus arts, Greg and Kristi will demonstrate some of Canada's famous inventions such as alkaline batteries, robertson screwdrivers and paint rollers in new and inventive ways! Students will laugh and be amazed by digital light routines, juggling routines that play songs through micro controllers and hilarious audience participation segments. Along the way, students will learn that everyone can be an inventor, even kids!

The original production of "The Great Canadian Invention Circus" was a 25 minute solo show commissioned by Science World in Vancouver.

The new version of the show, reimagined for schools, is a 2 person 50 minute long performance.

ArtStarts Showcase 2019 - Heath Tarlin Entertainment from ArtStarts in Schools on Vimeo.